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While considering the price factor, always keep in mind the rarity of a diamond. The rarer the stone, more is the price. Let us explain the prices in a relative or comparative manner. Keep in mind, no two diamonds are ever identical. Always remember that a diamond is nature's gift and it does not come with a price tag nor are two prices identical. You might get different prices from different jewelers depending on their buying patterns, sources and suppliers.

Diamonds weighing two-carats will sell for far more per carat than one-carat diamonds. As you will see in the chart below, the price of a diamond tends to increase exponentially as the size increases. The chart below illustrates the price movement by carat size for the highest quality diamond.

Prices are based on Antwerp Diamond Market prices | 2nd Qt. 2005

Knowing the subtle differences between the sub-groups in the color grading classification system and the major impact these changes have on the wholesale price, it is imperative the client requires a Diamond Grading Report from an independently recognized company.
The cost of a Diamond Certificate is a small price to pay to insure the diamond quality you pay for is the diamond quality you receive.

Price movement as diamond color diminishes, while holding all other quality classifications constant. The chart below illustrates the shift in pricing

Prices are based on Antwerp Diamond Market prices | 2nd Qt. 2005

The clarity grade can have a significant effect on the value of a diamond. The price variance between an VVS1 diamond and a Very Slightly Included One diamond clarity grade is significant at the wholesale level. The chart below illustrates the shift in pricing.

Price movement by clarity grade for highest quality diamond while holding all other quality classifications constant. The chart below illustrates the shift in pricing

Prices are based on Antwerp Diamond Market prices | 2nd Qt. 2005

The last but definitely not the least, this C can pack a heavy punch even in small sizes. To get well cut stone, the diamond cutter has to sacrifice a lot of the rough diamond weight. The customer thus has to pay more to incorporate for the lost weight. Moreover, it requires excellent skills to cut and facet a well or ideal cut stone. That is also included in the cost that you as the consumer has to pay. The results are astounding. The sparkle is really awesome. The stone just shines, it just shines. It doesn't matter what light it is kept under or in which metal it is set in. That baby will sparkle like there's no tomorrow. The brilliance and dispersion is incomparable.

Moreover, a good cut hides or reduces the visual effects of inclusions within the stone. Hence, if you have an ideal or well cut SI2 then there is a good possibilty that you will not be able to see the inclusion with your naked eye. No matter what you do, never compromise with the cut of the stone. Always go in for a well cut stone. After all what good is a diamond if it doesn't sparkle.


Prices for fancy shape diamond generally are 15% to 20% below round diamond prices at the wholesale level, holding the quality constant, depending on trends and fads.

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