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round cut diamonds
Round Diamond

This is the shape that has set the traditional standard for all diamond shapes. Over 75% of the diamonds sold today are Round Brilliant. Its 58-facet cut, divided among its crown (top), girdle (widest part) and pavilion (base), is calibrated through a precise formula to achieve the maximum in fire and brilliance.

loose diamond

princess cut diamonds
Princess Diamond

This is a square rectangular shape with many facets. This is a relatively new cut and often finds its way into solitaire engagement rings. It is attractive with longer fingers. This cut requires more weight to be directed toward the diamond's depth in order to maximize brilliance.

loose diamonds
round diamonds
princess diamonds
round diamond
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Princess Diamond
princess cut diamonds
princess diamond
brilliant cut diamond
princess cut diamond

emerald cut diamonds
Emerald Diamond

This shape is known as a step cut because its concentric broad, flat planes resemble stair steps. Arectangular shape with cut corners. Inclusions and inferior color can be more pronounced in this particular cut. So clarity and color should be looked at carefully and time taken when a choice is made

emerald diamonds

asscher cut diamonds
Asscher Diamond

The Asscher cut was first created in 1902 by a renowned diamond cutter, Joseph Asscher. Several years later Joseph Asscher was chosen by King Edward VII to cut the famed Cullinan diamond for the English crown jewels. Asscher-cut diamonds are usually octagonal in shape or a square with beveled corners.

asscher diamond
emerald diamond
asscher cut diamonds
emerald cut diamond
asscher cut diamond
emerald cut diamonds
asscher diamonds
radiant cut diamonds

Radiant Diamond

This is a square or rectangular shape. The elegance of the emerald and the brilliance of the round shape marks this cut. 70 facets maximize the effect of its color refraction. Depth percentages of 70% to 78% are not uncommon. It requires this depth because of its cut and 70 facets.

radiant diamonds

pear cut diamonds
Pear Diamond

This cut combines the best between the oval and marquise shapes. It is the hybrid shape that looks like a sparkling teardrop. It beautifully compliments the average size hand and fingers. It is gorgeous for pendants and earings. Modified brilliants whose facets that radiate...

pear diamonds
radiant diamond
pear diamond
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pear shape diamonds
radiant cut diamond
pear shape diamond
oval cut diamonds

Oval Diamond

This is a square or rectangular shape. The elegance of the emerald and the brilliance of the round shape marks this cut. 70 facets maximize the effect of its color refraction. Depth percentages of 70% to 78% are not uncommon. It requires this depth because of its cut and 70 facets.

oval diamonds

marquise cut diamonds
Marquise Diamond

This shape is elongated with pointed ends. The smile of the Marquise de Pompadour inspired this shape which was then commissioned by the Sun King, France's Louis XIV, who wanted a diamond to match it. It is beautiful as a solitaire or when matched with smaller complimentry diamonds.

marquise cut diamonds
oval diamond marquise diamonds 
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Oval Diamond
oval shape diamonds
oval cut diamond marquise diamond
oval cut diamonds quality marquise cut diamonds 
heart cut diamonds
Heart Diamond

A pear shaped diamond with a cleft on the top. The extraordinary skill of the cutter determines the beauty of this cut. Look for a stone with an even shape and a well-defined outline. Modified brilliants whose facets that radiate from the center of the stone towards the girdles edge.

heart shape diamonds
trilliant cut diamonds
Trilliant Diamond

This is the spectacular wedge shape. This was first designed in Amsterdam. This design can vary depending on a particular diamond's natural characteristics and the cutter's personal pTESTIMONIALS. The shape may look like a traditional triangle with pointed corners, but more rounded shapes can be found.

trilliant cut diamonds
heart diamonds trilliant cut 
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Heart Diamond
heart shaped diamonds
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Trilliant Diamond
trilliant cut diamonds
trilliant diamonds
heart shaped diamond trilliant diamond 

natural fancy colored diamonds
Natural Fancy
Colored Diamonds

Fancy-colored diamonds are a natural, rare and truly exotic gem of the Earth. Colors range in intensity from faint to vivid in yellow, red, pink, blue and green. The more saturated the color, the higher the value. In fact, a diamond sparkling with intense color is so rare that it can be valued higher than a colorless diamond.

natural fancy colored diamonds

Diamond Packaging

Every Diamond World diamond can be sealed in a plastic holder together with a microfilm of the certificate. Not only does the sealing keep the diamond safe from damage, grease and dirt, it is also a guarantee that a given certificate and the accompanying stone actually belong together. diamond sealed certificate

natural fancy colored diamonds
fancy colored diamonds fancy colored diamonds 
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Natural Fancy Colored Diamond
natural fancy colored diamond
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Diamond Packaging
diamond packaging
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